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Our approach is to explore all opportunities in every market and locate the best possible options. We then accompany the opportunity with extensive research, so for us no market is ruled off-limits. We tend to channel our resources into the opportunities with the highest margin of profit, without extensive risk of loss.


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With any investment, the right strategy and planning is essential. We believe in our proven methods of thorough research and analysis in any opportunity we explore.


Capital Markets or Global Equity Markets are composed of primary and secondary markets. The most common capital markets are the Stock Markets and the Secondary Markets.


A Hedge Fund is an investment fund that pools capital from accredited investors or institutional investors and invests in a variety of assets.


Planning for your retirement early is essential for ensuring you secure the lifestyle you desire and have the finances required, supporting yourself throughout your later years.


“Alternative Investments” is an umbrella term for a broad range of investment strategies that use a different approach from traditional instruments.


Wealth management is a consulting service through which an array of services can be provided by our company, for a private client and investor.

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Our Company DNA

We provide market-leading services, to help give you the confidence you require to take the first step to a better future.

  • We focus on getting to know our clients and understanding what their personal goals and aspirations are in regards to their finances.
  • We strive to bring you the best services and strategies that suit your personal needs.
  • With real-time data analysis & research to give you the best options available at any given time.
  • Our track record shows our past performance since the inception of our Private Client Division.
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Testimonials from our clients

  • I have found it very time consuming trying to manage my wealth by myself until I was introduced to Stone Financial Corp. They have completely managed my portfolio over the last 3 years and I am very pleased with the service they have provided.

    Austin Westmore
    Owner of IBL Automations Ltd
  • I was very interested in the alternative markets, but I was clueless where to begin. The team at Stone Financial Corp really took their time to ensure that I understand the different markets and helped me with multiple investments.

    Oscar Rowland
    Managing Director of Corridor Robotics
  • I had some experience with trading, but I just could not find the time to keep an eye on the current market fluctuations. With the help of the team here, I was able to still stay active in the financial markets.

    Farah Noori